Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A girl’s voice

You never realized what I was going through, how painful my smile was when I saw you close to some other girl. How much it killed me to find the best gift for your girlfriends but I did it just for your happiness. I know I am not the prettiest but I am pretty enough to walk close by. You never realized that I am a human too – I ‘Feel’, I ‘Breath’, I ‘Live’, and I ‘Love’.

My care,
my love, my smile and my life – it was always just for you but you were busy finding the hottest of the girl you can date. People say such love happens in movies and books but I always waited for the miracle to happen. I waited for you to love me. Yes, I am a dumb.

But now as I know that you would never feel my love, I am going away. Today it was our last coffee together. You were wondering from past 15 days that why I didn’t let you strike at my home, it was because we were winding up. I am going miles far from you, thanks to Dad’s transfer. I did not want you to know this.

I came at your place tonight to convey the last ‘Good Bye’ but I saw you standing in the balcony, and smiling while gazing the moon. I was sure you must be thinking about your new date, and it stopped me from entering your premises.

As I leave this letter behind in your letter box, by the first ray of dawn you will discover that I am no more in your life to poke and nag you all the time. I am no more to help you in your assignments, and no more in choosing the best of all for you.
But yes, there would remain the glory of my heart throbbing words conveying – I Love You, Forever.

- by Dhristy

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