Thursday, 27 December 2012

I'll no more trust Khosrul Hossain

I’ll no more trust you

Anik was hurrying to go to the college. His mom was standing next to him to comb her son’s wet disheveled hair after he dressed up. Anik was late today for his biology class. As his mom combed Anik’s hair he shouted, “ please don’t make me too late mom I am already late today, just let me go now.”
“Oh!  Shut up Anik just let me help and don’t wiggle your head. If I don’t do this then how will  people know my son is the most handsome boy in this world?”
Anik shook his head to get out from his mother’s adorable daily loving torture and said, “It’s enough, now please let me go. I bet I’ll miss the class today.
His mom smiled and kissed on Anik’s forehead and said, “yah! Now you may go my boy.”
As soon as he had freed himself from his mother’s hands he ran away with his stylish bag toward the college.

Every mom loves her child but his mom was something more than the others. She had nobody in this world except her son. Anik was the only reason for her to be alive as she had lost her husband when Anik was only three years old.

When Anik reached the college the class had already started but he was allwed to attend it. After the class someone was waiting for him outside. It was Juie, a pretty girl in the college. He did not know if Juie loved him or not but she was surely everything to Anik. Juie always wanted to stay with Anik for his sweet demeanor and courteous words. He cared about her too much and used to try to put a smile on her face.
It was 4 pm, the practical class had just got over. Juie was talking to her friends while waiting for Anik to go to the coffee house together. Anik came running and started panting heavily.
“Oh! Sorry yaar, I was in the library talking to the professor for my practical notes.” He spilled out the words pretty fast and pretending to apologize.
It’s okay Anik, now please let’s go as we are getting late.” she said and pulled his hand to take a cursory step to go to the coffee house. They started walking smiling and staring at each other. The people you love to think about, the company you enjoy so much. She just held his hand and started laughing continuously.
The coffee house was on the opposite side so they needed to cross the road to reach it. Continuing with their conversation, oblivious to the world around them they attempted to cross the road. A speeding car came from nowhere and hit them. Anik was thrown on his back while Juie was run over by the car. In a moment, the road was wet with their blood. A few drops of blood trickled down Anik’s head drenching his forehead. Juie lay on the road stone cold, her dress wet with blood. Anik tried to reach her crawling slowly with the last vestiges of strength as he could not stand up owing to the factured bones.

He cuddled her body slowly with his bloodied hands and started crying as if the world has come to an end. Then he slowly laid down on the road holding her head to his chest, passed out.
When Anik came to his senses he was in the hospital. He asked about Juie and came to know that she was critical. She was struggling to live. There was no reason to live without her. If she died then what was the point in living, Anik thought to himself. As he closed his eyes some memories came floating into his mind. The days they spent together and the way they walked holding hands he could never forget till his last breath.
In an insane moment he thought of donating his heart to Juie. Anik asked the doctor if he could donate his heart to her. As the doctor had understood his feelings, he decided to do it. The doctor took them to the operation theater. The operation was done.
The next day Anik opened his eyes. He was shocked. He asked the doctor “Howam I alive? Didn’t you give my heart to her? Did she die? Why did you do that doctor?”
Doctor looked at him and told, “She is fine, do you want to meet her now? She is taking rest there.”
No I want to meet my mom at first. She must be worrying about me. May I go doctor?” Anik asked.
No you can’t go now. Your condition is not good enough to go out,” the doctor answered without looking at him.
Anik requested him many times to let his mom meet him but they didn’t listen to him. After a few days he was able to go home. When he reached his home, he started calling out for his mom repeatedly…  Mom where are you? Mom can you hear me? I am back. Please come to me.”
But there was no reply. Anik entered the room which was their temple but could not find her. Then he entered his bedroom and saw a letter was on his table. He picked it up and unfolded it. The letter was written to him by his mom.

Dear son,
You are the only reason for me to live. As you know, I’ve nobody in this world but you. How can I stay alive without you? You wanted to give your heart to save your love but being a mom how can I see you leaving me? I’ve given my heart to my son so that I can live in you and my heart can beat for you always.
My son, please don’t worry. You just breathe and you will feel your mom is within you.

Anik sat down sobbing on the floor holding the letter in his hand.

After a few days, Anik went to college. He asked his friends about Juie. They told him that they had seen her going toward the music room. He went there to find her. When he reached the music room he was in shocked. Juie was in a lip lock with Pritom who was Anik’s best friend.

Now he just mislaid his existence for a moment from this world. He could not cry anymore but the heart melted down. He felt the biggest shame and culprit himself in this world. A girl, just for a girl he mislaid everything. He did try to devote his own life even he lost his most loving person in this world, his mother only for this girl. Nevertheless, she was not for him, she loved someone else.


  1. Very good story. I loved the passion and depth you placed within it. I believe you are on your way to becoming a writer. You feel and write. <3 Very good work! I am impressed. <3

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    2. thankssss my sweet one...i am so glad that you liked it//<3