Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Review, 'Love You Forever : Only in that way', authored by Saurabh Dudeja

Love you forever only in that way’ is a novel by Saurabh Dudeja. The very first page of the book says – “To the readers who have someone special in their life” and thus makes it special.
Anyone would be able to pen down his/her life but here, writing down life of his friend, he has come out with 1 of the beautiful stories ever which connects real lives. This is not only just a love story but also quest of Sid to establish his place in this world despite of all hardships.

Sid's story is story of a good for nothing boy. How his life was a waste & how it got transformed to a life dreamt by every single person after introduction to Avni. Story takes a twist when Avni leaves her beloved. But Sid overcomes all & sets himself as an example for all.

Being new to the world of writing Author Saurabh Dudeja has done a wonderful job. The language is very close to layman's language & lives portrayed are also just like you & me, hence making the story very much related to us. Unlike so many other books, the author has given a beautiful message for Mad in love youth of our society.

Only of a few things are missing else the overall story is flawless. It is full of non-stop fun, romance, love, pinches of grief and most important college-life which one would like to live back again. A powerful dose for weekends.
As the story is based on true events therefore author wanted everything to be kept intact with no additional spices.
Out of 10, the story can be awarded 8 & author with 10 for his dedication & hard work. Wish to see more beautiful stories by him.
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