Wednesday, 19 December 2012

A letter to Rapist!

A letter to Rapist!

Dear Rapist,
A big warm Thank you for your contribution to my city. Girls are afraid now. Again. They always were. I hope your Mother and Sisters are not aware of your generous work. I hope. As they may attempt suicide or may go through mental stress for having any kind of relation with you. I pity them.

So you raped another girl. Ha! Kudos. Proud of yourself? No no, you should be. You should be proud of yourself for destroying a girl's life COMPLETELY. Now she can never move around in the society freely. No one will marry her if it matters. No why will it matter to you. Sorry for bothering you but can I ask why did you choose this profession? Like is it your family business or you started it and then invited members to join you? Also why do you have this urge to have sex with every other girl in town? Masturbate na. Please. Why are you destroying people's life. Or there is a better solution, Marry. That way you won't even have to do any such criminal act and your wife will also be happy. Although who will marry a depraved pervert like you.

I sympathise with the victim. Because Her only fault was breathing. Right? She was breathing so you got this sudden urge of raping her. Don't give me those lame excuses that she was wearing a short skirt or a backless top or was exposing too much. Both of us know what the truth is. So now what next. Do you think you will survive or are you afraid of punishment? No you aren't afraid of any sort of punishment because if you were, you wouldn't have raped the girl in the first place. So the former one is the case. You think our rules and our government will help you in surviving. Indeed they do. But when you do such things nowadays na, what happens is social media pressurizes the government to take action. Asap. And yes each one of us is praying, more like begging from god that people like you should be gifted with death for your generous and kind contribution to society. Did you even think of the girl's father for once? If not please do think. Think of that father who didn't even allow his daughter to put a foot on this earth when she went to a mela with him and instead carried her on his shoulders. Think of that father who went everywhere with his daughter for admissions to schools ,institutes and colleges so that she doesn't have to face any sort of problems that he probably faced. Think of that father who loved his daughter more than his life. But why will you. You destroyed everyone's life dear, everyone's fucking life. Just because of your lovely thoughts and perverted mind. Beta tera to kuch nahi bigda but she has to live with the memory of what happened to her. You abused her physically as well as mentally. I ponder sometimes, has shame disappeared from the society, is this the same Indian culture culture that hails women as goddesses in temples. People like you force me to think so.

So yeah, now you are probably thinking that nothing will happen and no one can find you? Like the Guwahati molestation case? Trust me I am worried about that too. But believe you me and the millions of other guys and girls who support me, we WILL FUCKING ENSURE THAT you get the right punishment, which is castration and then life time imprisonment until death. We don't want you to be hanged. Hanging till death would be too easy for you. We want to engender this fear that if anyone does any such thing in future, he is choosing hell for himself. A living fucking hell. We do Not want this case to be treated like any other rape case. We want the government to take action. Asap. Have some shame fucker. And yes be AFRAID of us bitch.

I remember this quote of Naseeruddin Shah. I want to twist it a bit: Ye guwahati, dilli , bus me, train me, ye sab rape ke case nahi hai, ye ek sawal hai aur wo sawal ye hai ki bhai hum to yunhi rape karte rahenge tum kya kar loge. Yes they asked this question. And we have to reply. WE HAVE TO REPLY STRONGLY.

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